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Silk Scarves (Handcrafted Crinkled Air-Silk)

Product image 1Coconut Milk Silk Scarf
Product image 2Rainbow Hand-painted Silk Scarf
Product image 3Rose Quartz Silk Scarf
Product image 4Amethyst
Product image 5Smoky Quartz Silk Scarf
Product image 6Earth & Sunshine Silk Scarf
Product image 7Desert Rose Silk Scarf
Product image 8Coral Silk Scarf
Product image 9Turquoise Silk Scarf
Product image 10Blue Tanzanite Silk Scarf
Product image 11Goji Berry
Product image 12Fortuna Gold Silk Scarf yellow
Product image 13Lilac Dreams Silk Scarf
Product image 14Crimson Red Silk Scarf
Product image 15Champagne
Product image 16Purple Rain Silk Scarf

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Our Crinkled Air-Silk scarves are made from a lightweight 100% habotai silk. We call it *air-silk* because it is as light as a feather and flows sweetly in the wind. Our scarves are the foundation of our brand, very versatile and can be adorned any season of the year. You can be wear them as a head wrap, scarf around the neck, shawl around the shoulders, bikini cover-up or sarong around the waist. Our silks are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, for any occasion! 

Our designs are meticulously dip-dyed in small batches and crinkled with a raw finish, then cleansed with rose water and lavender oil. Due to the handmade nature of our products, there are some charming imperfections and slight color variations. This is what makes your purchase unique and one-of-a-kind.

OS: 36in wide x 90in long


Amethyst- Bedazzle any ensemble with the color Amethyst. This royal and mystical crystalized color will help protect against negative energies and its calming properties can bring clarity to the waking mind. 

Rose Quartz is linked to the Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz is the stone of Universal Love. It opens the heart to self-love, self-worth, self-trust, friendship and peace-of-mind.  Calming and reassuring, this pink scarf will make your heart smile and help comfort you in times of anxiety, grief and distress.  

Smoky Quartz, our most popular color, is a grounding palate, with shades of dark green and smoky blue, that help you Relax, Recharge and Reconnect with Self.

Desert Rose is a type of Selenite formed from a combination of water, wind and sand causing rosette formations. It is the perfect stone to help one stay grounded and balanced and activates the root, crow and sacral chakra to assist in mental clarity, focus and manifestation. 

Coral invokes enthusiasm, optimism, and good luck. 

Turquoise is linked to the throat chakra and helps with self-expression, creativity, emotional balance, spiritual grounding, love, joy, and tranquility.

Coconut Milk- Add a touch of tropical vibes to your wardrobe with our Pure white raw silk, inspired by the rich creamy, deliciousness of coconut milk. 

Tanzanite Blue- This color is featured in our "December Blue" Artisan Gift Box. 

Goji Berry- This color is featured in our "I Love You Berry Much" Artisan Gift Box and is the same color as decadent and delightful Goji Berries. 

Fortuna Gold  represents positivity and bliss, which carries a sense of sunny optimism and joy. The color yellow is also associated with wealth and living in abundance.

Lilac Dreams- This dreamy color is for the purple lover in YOU!  You will bloom like a lilac flower with this soft light purple color and look and feel like the beauty of Springtime. Purple is linked to the crown chakra and is helpful in activating spiritual awareness, purifying the mind- clearing it of negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety.

Crimson red- This color is inspired by the spirit of giving and holiday cheer. 

Champagne- This elegantly crafted  champagne  scarf was dyed with beet plant powder to create this soft creamy color and a perfect addition to your spring, summer or fall wardrobe. Make your favorite brunch spot even more stylish with this Champagne color.  Perfect for day-to-night transitions so you can switch up your look with ease. Add a little extra pizzazz to any outfit and have fun!

Purple Rain- This purple rain color was created through a two color dip-dyeing process resulting in a dark and decadent green that is infused with purple colored tips. 

Earth & Sunshine- Our Earth & Sunshine colors are created through a two color dip-dyeing process resulting in a dark and decadent earthy green that is infused with vibrant yellow tips. 

Rainbow(Hand-painted)- This Rainbow color is an explosion of purple, pink, blue, green, yellow, red, blue and black-  hand-painted on raw silk with eco-friendly and non-toxic silk fabric paint. 

ALL DESIGNS ARE CUSTOM MADE: Please allow 1-3 business days to ship. 

All Crinkled Air-Silk scarves are packaged in our eco-chic reusable cloth bags. 

Made with love in the USA. 

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